Diana Bauer


Nathalie Prud'homme

Time for yourself, time to think of yourself

This Diary by Diana Bauer is a touching account of the loss of a mother and of a sincere and touching quest for self. To meet again, not to be selfish, but to love yourself and thus be more present for others without losing yourself. The inner journey of Diana Bauer will lead you to the road of the lost of a mother, the search of yourself, to take time to love yourself and be at the same time more anchor in the real world and be there for your love ones. To read and think over.

Emerald VP

A book from a very gifted and compassionate soul ~ A journey that takes you into the very places within yourself that may require some insights into your very own healing journey Available on Amazon.

Anna Mak

Looking forward to reading this book written by my high school friend Diana and (also my son's kindergarten teacher). I'm so proud of you Diana!!!!